Tyre repairs

Tyre repairs

Tyre repairs are made hot, in our workshop.
Experienced for more than 25 years and specialized for tyre repairs of “earthmoving” and “agriculture”.
Use of products and “know how” of the company “Rema Tip-Top”.

Vulcanization in autoclave filled with hot water 8,000 liters.


  • Vulcanization temperature: 96 ° C.
  • Useful diameter: 2,30 meters.
  • Accepted Maximum dimensions:
    * 45-65 X 45
    * 2700 X 49

For larger dimensions, Ets Havelange has a vulcanization system by segment.


The different stages of repair
  • Phase 1 : Early Identification damage
  • Phase 2 : Rude Unpacking to define whether or not to lay a plaster and make a quote for client tyres.
  • Phase 3 : Careful Unpacking from outside to make the rubber stopper and inside to put the patch on nearby the carcasses cables.
  • Phase 4 : tyre ready to be cured, plaster placed and raw rubber stopper produced.
  • Phase 5 : vulcanized tire and finished